Libre Offics binaries / drawer links

  • Can Anyone tell me the name of the libre office binaries in UT libertine? tried all the ones i can think of, non work, and find/ls grep (in libertine term ofc) doesnt return anything useful -no sign of them in any bin folder

    (Trying To run via Term so I can see Why They are Breaking)

    Related Question, where are the Drawer app links stored? would Help me find programs not stored in expected folders, if i can see the paths for those links

  • UT is not a traditional distro, and the display system doesn't work like most traditional display systems on Linux, so you can't simply run them in the terminal.

    Apps installed in libertine should have their .desktop files in /usr/share/applications/ inside the container.

    What doesn't work exactly? Libertine is very experimental, and things like LibreOffice don't seem to work for everyone on all devices. It's best to start your posts and inquiries about such things, with what device and Ubuntu Touch version you are on, so appropriate help and answers can be given.

  • i dont mean the UT terminal, but from a terminal inside libertine ( tilda in this case) - everythingelse runs fine from there, problem i have here is that the filenames i know of for libre office binary, do not seem to exist in this installtion, so i am tryingto find out what it calls itself when installed in libertine (or whereit puts them, doesnt seem to be in the usual bin folder)

    i have no idea why libre office doesnt work, what i am trying to find out by launchingfrom term - nothing shows in any logs when office crashes after loading window

    @dobey no sign of any libertine application links in that folder in UT?(ah inside container, so drawer reads from there, not a UT folder?)

  • reinstalled and now i can launch it via terminal, bit strange but nvm

    cannot open shared object

    search for the first one doesnt return anything obvious, but i have to work now - any ideas?

    (java is installed, but maybe not the right version?)

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