Libertine data disappearance

  • I have had firefox running fine in libertine for a while now, only issue was a week ago, it refused to run, so i created a new container and reinstalled it

    now it is refusing to load again, running from terminal it says 'cannot find application folder'

    perhaps relevent too, when i launched Tilda (my libertine term), it presented me with the options dialog, as if it was a fresh install of tilda - this is making my wonder if something is wiping data inside libertine?

    any ideas? i dont want to install a new container if i can help it, its a bit of a pain becausethe phone ignores the screen idle lock 'never' option, so i have to babysit installation

  • I think, that libertine stores some data in ~/.cache. Maybe you (or some program) deleted the dir. But I might be wrong.

  • thanks @jezek

    seems strange for app folders to end up in cache, but its starting point, i'll reinstall and check later - maybe i am misunderstandingthe way libertine works

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