phone locked to a network

  • I'm thinking of purchasing a cheap nexus online which is locked to a providers network ,it's currently got android installed
    My intentions are to port a version of ubports to it , would this then make the phone unlocked from it's network ??


  • You will need to unlock the phone from the network before doing anything else. You will also need to unlock the bootloader. If you can do those things, you should be fine.

    Just remember, though, that porting Ubuntu Touch is not easy or for the faint of heart. What device are you thinking of using?

  • thanks ,i'll probably go for a not locked to network one

    The phone would ideally be nexus 5x , i've already done my meizu pro 5 of which is in daily use

  • The 5X is already being worked on by the Halium team, but is not generally recommended in the community due to its flash hardware defect. I've got one and I'm waiting for it to die in the next few months.

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