What about Vulkan?

  • Well, as you may know about running 3D on several apps it's pretty abitious, but what about vulkan?
    [https://github.khronos.org/](link url)
    The api has their source code open. It may be a posibility to get the 3D drivers from libhandy and run some tests.
    Have you tried to run something different than SDL or OpenGL under ubuntu touch?

    I'm going to investigate, vulkan is powerful and multiplatform. Maybe there's a chance to innove.

    Let me know what you think.

  • @13arz for the server, Vulkan is just another way that clients draw buffers that the server doesn't care about. The only issue to address is shipping the buffer to the server. That work isn't done (or likely to be done) with mirclient, but is done with Wayland.

    It should "just work" after the Wayland migration (for graphics stacks that enable Vulkan clients).

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