Nexus 5 - SIM card not read w/hammerhead

  • I may have identified an issue. I have a hammerhead N5 and an Android N5. The Android N5 allowed me to import the contacts saved to the SIM card (Mint Mobile) whereas the hammerhead build did not. I doubt anyone likes this yet I need to ensure this is legitimate. Any suggestions?

  • @RVan I guess you've tried to import with the contact app. Do you have errors displayed ?.

  • @lduboeuf - Only that the SIM card could not be read. No error number or code.

  • @RVan For a work around i'm pretty you can find on Android a way to export your Sim contacts to a vcard file, and then import it. But maybe there are bad records in there.
    You will need to check also the logs. ( you can use the Logviewer app and check for address-book-app logs )

  • @lduboeuf - Yes, I know of the vcf file. I prepared this file from LG e980 last week in preparation for the additional N5s and the newer N6Ps I just obtained. I confirmed this afternoon that the contacts imported on both N6Ps are incomplete listings. The listing appears okay through "H" then jumps to "S". I do not yet know why. I approached my ubported N5 from the perspective of using the vcard file but it was not initially offered as a means to import the vcard file as I navigated through the process to import contacts. I will need to attempt this for all four phones I worked with the past two days. I also just prepared my laptop to begin working with Halium.

  • @RVan ok, so you should provide some logs to help us debug

  • @lduboeuf - As well as me re-tracing my steps. It will be a few days. Having issues getting setup for Halium.

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