Quickddit - call for testing

  • Quickddit was published in OpenStore, please let me know if that works correctly. Please remove local installation before OpenStore version installation.
    This update brings UI redesign, multireddit support was added and minor bugs was fixed.

  • @danqo6 Looks like it broke comments formatting. For example line breaks aren't visible anymore, lists are one long line. Also links, either normal http(s) or internal (/)u/ and (/)r/, aren't clickable anymore.

  • @danqo6 Any update on fixing the formatting of comments?

  • @RandomUser I will publish another test version here with couple improvements, I hope that tomorrow it will be ready.

  • @danqo6 Thanks! I've been using this app daily since you made this topic. Great work!

  • @danqo6 Hi,
    I installed your app and it works fine.

    Did you looked at uReadIt ? It's another client for Reddit.
    There is a feature from uReadIt that I miss in Quickddit ; the galery mode.
    It allows to swipe between posts with pictures, I'm on several subs about photography and sometimes I just like to scroll through pictures.
    But having the picture at a larger scale allow better details and save some clicks before commenting.

  • Hello guys,

    another test version.


    • added support to submit and edit post
    • changed thumbnail provider
    • fixed bugs with thumbnails and images
    • added best section, added support for changing period in top and controversial section
    • videos from some platforms actually should work, videos from v.redd.it not yet
    • changed behavior of adding comment and writing new message
    • fixed comment formatting

    Download arm64 and armhf build

  • @AppLee
    I have some UI improvement plans, but I want to get working basic functionality for now. Reddit added support for galleries and Imgur galleries I want support too. Next thing is some indication when post is repost from another subreddit, I would love to support videos better too. uReadIt is great inspiration, but too buggy for me to fix. Gallery mode would be cool too. Great feature would be for example image zooming like on Instagram for android.

  • @danqo6 Thanks for the great work.
    I agree with how you proceed. No rush 😉 GIF and videos are great features: many thanks.
    And if you need help, I can join the effort, I started modifying uReadIt, but I think it is best to contribute Quickddit.

    So if you need help we can continue in private to see how I can help.

  • I will push last update to github tomorrow, I am planning to publish source more regurally with better commit mesaages. Feel free to help, you can ping me on Telegram as @Danqok

  • Quickddit 1.0 update has been published to store. Please let me know how it works. Now it has gallery support and videoplayback support.

  • This works great! Thanks so much!

  • Curious about any progress regarding this application, been using on my device and having a good experience minus a few missing features. Willing to try and contribute in some way if possible

  • Thanks for using the app. Next release v 1.1 is getting ready, hopefully this week. Some features are missing, there is a lot of to do. I would love to hear feedback, what features are you missing most? Some feedback from OpenStore I am trying to implement: dark theme selection, downloading of images and post flairs should be in next release. Translations support is getting ready.

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