Minecraft Bedrock on Ubuntu Touch

  • I am looking for a way to install Minecraft Bedrock on Ubuntu Touch. I tried using anbox, and couldn't get the Google Play store to load. Also I don't like that the pre-installed apps, like the calendar and calculator apps, bloat the homescreen. Furthermore, emulating Android is inefficient.

    I've had success running Minecraft Bedrock version on the Linux desktop with the help of this tool called mcpelauncher. This tool takes the Minecraft package from the Google Play store, extracts it, and replaces the android dependencies with free-software Linux dependencies. I'm wondering if anyone is interested in bringing Minecraft Bedrock to Ubuntu Touch and if anyone has any better ideas. Thanks in advance!

  • Minecraft bedrock edition is a closed source, and it doesn't support Linux at all (even if you want to maintain a server they recommend windows). I'd rather go for compiling minetest for ubuntu touch or running Minecraft java edition, which is still really hard imo, and I'd not have any idea where to start, but it looks like there are much more resources about making a launcher for java edition than for bedrock.

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