Use Brave Browser and redirect earns to UBports

  • Hi to all!
    I'm using Brave browser since it appeared, but I never gave much thought to the rewards system that Brave uses. I've decided like 1 week ago to have a look into this. I have allowed the browser to show me the ads that Brave promote and I like the idea. Brave shows you a notification aprox. each 30 min and by clicking a new tab will open with the site that the add refers to. It's quite non-intrusive, no pop up, no video so far. For each add that you click you earn 2 cents. I know is not much, but that might add up if you use Brave a lot. By activating the Brave rewards with Uphold you can redirect this money to whoever you like.
    I think this would be a method to add small incomes to the project, but at larger scale will add up.
    Of course, everyone is free to do whatever he/she pleases with his/her money and probably many UT users are not living on roses, but remember, if you earn 20 cents/ week is nothing to you, but at 1000 users.... You do the math. UBports get aprox. 150 euro / week through Librepay donations, a 200 euro / week boost will help our team focus more on UT project.
    Thoughts and suggestions?

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