Terminal closes SSH session upon changing app

  • Hi, another newbie question..

    is there a way to have two apps on screen side by side?

    I'm using terminal to edit my website, but each time I swipe to Morph browse to check appearance, terminal closes the SSH session to my webserver, meaning I have to log back in each time I take a peek.

    I thought one solution may be to have terminal open alongside Morph browser. Or find a way to keep terminal from closong my SSH session when I flick the screen to another app.

    Cheers, Scott

  • @scottbouch You can use UT Tweak Tool and prevent suspension of the terminal app. This will stop ssh session from being closes.

  • @scottbouch the UTTT method works, using it myself. Just a note. The ssh session is not terminated, just in background, so you can bring it to foreground with fg command. (If I correctly recall and nothing changed since then.)

  • Hooray! Brilliant, UTTT has fixed it perfectly!

    Thanks for the other tip too, much appreciated !

    Cheers, Scott

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