Trust, Accountability and Transparency.

  • Hiya,

    As the main Patreon, could I please ask that we have a break-down of costs.

    For example on the Patreon page there are three streatch goals: A, B, C.

    Could we please have any receipts for server time and any costs involved in providing wiki/forum/Device&Front page, in terms of their accountability and the exact figure that these expenditures come to please ?

    For example, there are costs in terms of Basic deployment of website, Images and paying a full-time developer.

    Could we please have the exactly figures as to which provider you are using, at what level you have a contract with them, so that the community can see whether there is a cheaper alternative ?

    There is a level of trust involved in giving funds to a website via Patreon. This can only be seen to be emphasised if the accountability and thereby transparency are not over-looked in the system.

  • I just became a patreon as well.. I trust that the funds are going to the appropriate party (Marius) and I trust that Marius is lead developer behind the ubports project. He has done some great work and is continuing to make improvements on a frequent basis. I strongly believe ubports is a great contribution to the open source community. His work is allowing me to use ubuntu touch on my nexus 5 as a daily driver, I would like to continue to use it and receive updates. This is why I am funding this project. Why does the cost breakdown matter so much, I don't care if the full costs to manage this project is $4 a month, I still want to support the project because I believe in the cause.

  • @jayywolff what channel are you on with the nexus 5 now? I can't get it into a state where it's usable as a daily driver? Can't see any change with the last 9 releases 224->233 either, or updates to the lauchpad bug list.

    I really want this project to work and would contribute a small monthly amount if I knew things would improve to a state as to be comparable with the current OTA-13 on the official devices.

  • @tom @jayywolff @below-freezing

    I have to think Marius is eventually going to be snapped up by some company that will take absolutely all his time. I would hope he could see the wisdom of having a few people caretaker his project a bit.

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    @tom @apple-muncy With the recent revelations from UbuCon Europe in mind, I think it's safe to assume that UBports will be around for a little longer. If the Station Dock Kickstarter goes well, the UBports project could really take off! Have some faith.

    FYI: &

  • @NeoTheThird I have difficulties seeing this dock becoming a success, because there are way too few devices running UB, and not a single community port is feature complete. And it's difficult to say, if Android users will like this dock....

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    @hairy Yeah, you may be right about the android users, it's not something for everybody. Still, it will be interesting for some people. The price of 60 € that @mariogrip announced at UbuCon is competitive to microsofts Wireless Display Adapter that retails at about 50€, considering the fact that this will be entirely open soft- and hardware. It is a good product idea. It could go well.

    I think Marius really needs to work on PR, maybe hit some Linux and Android-related shows, talk to bloggers, etc. We have seen crappy ideas succeed on kickstarter and we have seen awesome ideas fail. But this one is most certainly a good idea. The market may be small, but i like to be optimistic! 😉 Also, I hope for Canonical to push the project. It certainly doesn't seem like the phones are their top priority at the moment as they are always talking about IoT, Ubuntu Core and snappy, but the phones will profit from the advancements in that field as well. As soon as Unity 8 hits the shelves and the biggest part of the desktop apps are optimized to work with MIR, Ubuntu Touch will be a really interesting platform, both for techies and noobs.

    Wow, i got a little carried away. I think it came across that i really like this project. I hope it will catch on!