@hairy Yeah, you may be right about the android users, it's not something for everybody. Still, it will be interesting for some people. The price of 60 € that @mariogrip announced at UbuCon is competitive to microsofts Wireless Display Adapter that retails at about 50€, considering the fact that this will be entirely open soft- and hardware. It is a good product idea. It could go well.

I think Marius really needs to work on PR, maybe hit some Linux and Android-related shows, talk to bloggers, etc. We have seen crappy ideas succeed on kickstarter and we have seen awesome ideas fail. But this one is most certainly a good idea. The market may be small, but i like to be optimistic! 😉 Also, I hope for Canonical to push the project. It certainly doesn't seem like the phones are their top priority at the moment as they are always talking about IoT, Ubuntu Core and snappy, but the phones will profit from the advancements in that field as well. As soon as Unity 8 hits the shelves and the biggest part of the desktop apps are optimized to work with MIR, Ubuntu Touch will be a really interesting platform, both for techies and noobs.

Wow, i got a little carried away. I think it came across that i really like this project. I hope it will catch on!