Ubuntu Touch Suite

  • To lower the boundaries for potential users and to increase (the perception of) Ubuntu Touch to be a viable alternative to the mainstream OS's, I would like to see a Ubuntu Touch Suite as a solid foundation to build the platform on every stakeholder will be able to benefit from and should in turn even generate more (Pine64) hardware demand.

    Not sure as to where the revenues from Pine64 Pinephone project have been allocated, I believe investing in a Ubuntu Touch Suite will not only pay off for UBports and be beneficial to current UT users. It should attract a lot of mainstream OS users to Linux based phones and UT in particular.

    Both Pine64 and the Document Foundation could benefit from this development.

    A Ubuntu Touch Suite could be an AppArmored application including:

    • a LibreOffice LITE version;
    • an email client (further improved Dekko2 ?);
    • virus scanner/firewall (debatable, still a good feeling for newcomers);

    in order to cater new UT users with applications (license/collaboration with Document Foundation) what they would expect out of the box and not having them to dive into terminal commands from the start.

    Any thoughts?

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