CalDav servers for calendar app

  • Hi all,

    looking into installing a calendar server on my Ubuntu web server to use with the native UT calendar app.

    There are a few open source calendar caldav compatible servers to choose from, so to help me decide, I thought I'd ask if any are known to work well, or not so well with a UT phone's native app?

    Cheers, Scott

  • @scottbouch Hi, I'm using Davical on my Pi (Ubuntu server) and it works very well on my UT phone. I've also tried Radicale and Baikal, but I can't say much about them, because I haven't had UT yet.

  • @Capsia thank you.. yes, those are the ones I had been looking at. Good to know that Davical works well.

    Other factors that would swing my choice would be ease of installation, reliability and low maintenance. Should mention I've never installed a calendar server before.

    So, that's one vote for Davical so far, any more experiences?

  • @scottbouch For Davical there is no maintenance needed, unless you want some more advanced setup, and it is very reliable, but it isn't very easy to install. There is a package in the default Ubuntu repository, but you'll have to setup manually PostgreSQL and Apache.

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