UBports PinePhone - Dial pad/DTMF doesn't work during calls

  • Has anyone had issues with the number pad/dial pad not sending the DTMF tones during calls? I'm actually not 100% sure what it is called but when I am calling a support line or something like that and it says something like "press 1 for option 1" and I press 1, no tone is sent.

    I can dial numbers and place calls no problem, just can't send the tones during the call.

  • It is a known issue:

    But definitely frustrating 😝

  • Ok excellent, glad to know I'm not going crazy. I was having a hard time with this one because I didn't actually know the name for the number pad so I was having a hard time searching.

    No fixes yet I assume? This is the last thing keeping me from using this phone as a daily driver.

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