Nexus 7 2013 (flo) bugs, information, statics, discussion

  • Introduction

    Hi, I bought nexus 7 2013 flo and installed Ubuntu Touch. I loved it! It's the best mobile OS in my opinion. 🙂
    However, there are some bugs... I created this thread to find bugs, share logs and discuss the solutions.

    I'm on RC channel, and you?

    If you think I started thread in wrong place, please down-vote post and propose better solution


    • camera - not working known
    • bluetooth - not working known
    • landscape on lockscreen - when screen is locked, even with forced horizontal orientation, tablet stays in landscspe mode.
    • apps suspension - even with ut tweak tool apps are suspended when screen is off, when you click power button and screen is on (but locked) app (e.g. youtube) restarts playing audio. Again - It ends when you turn off screen.


    here will be the solutions


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    • 2020.08.17 - thread creation