Wireless convergence with UT?

  • Hi all,

    I´d like to ask for some advise about the status of wireless convergence with current UT to bring the smartphone output to a larger monitor/TV.

    In threads from 2017/2018/2019 the "Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter" is mentioned. (2. version?)

    Is the MS adapter still valid and are there any success stories with other adapters as well?

    Are the underlying software components from UT still working or a is a wireless convergence currently not available out of the box?


  • Wireless Display still works on many phones, and yes, the MS adapter is still probably the best option. I don't think it's widely tested on other adapters, and it's mostly only useful for streaming, as input can be quite laggy with it.

  • @dobey . Ok. Thanks for your response. Don´t understand what you mean with streaming vs. input. My requirement is to display the content of the phone on a larger screen. Is this the first or the latter "laggy" usage? Background of my question is, I can´t believe that apps are going to be developed/debugged on such a tiny smartphone display.

  • @Tellina Wireless display/miracast in general are only advisable for media consumption and not for interactive things like using KB/mouse or gamepads for games. Currently, this technology isn't that good yet for those use cases.

    Personally, I don't really like using wireless display because I mostly have bad experience with it in any device I tried (Android, Windows, etc.).

    Regarding the background of your question, do you intend to develop apps for UT? I don't see a problem testing your apps on tiny device which they are will actually be running on. Or do you intend to develop apps directly on your phone instead of your desktop?

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