Edge drag areas width

  • I adjust edge drag areas width using UT Tweak Tool, from the default value of 2 to 5. This helps me when I swipe from the right edge of the screen - to display all opened apps - because I use a phone case.

    However, this changed value does not count for the app drawer. It is still difficult for me - again, because of the phone case - to swipe the apps drawer back after it was opened with a swipe from the left edge.

    I was thinking to get other opinions or dome directions or help before I open a bug or something.

    Many thanks!

  • That is correct. The right handle bar of the app drawer is not affected by these edge settings and I'm not sure if it makes sense to make it like that. The initial implementation of the app drawer makes it possible to swipe away the app drawer from anywhere inside it however, it was proven more problematic than beneficial so it the right handlebar was implemented.
    A workaround for your case is pressing the Orange Ubuntu button in the launcher to close the app drawer.

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