Setting up device with ting

  • Not sure if a guide exists already, but I have a ting sim installed on my pinephone and it doesn't seem to fully set the Ting info.

    When I go to the APN I can see it is finding "ting" as it is listed in the list view of the app about 5 or 7 times, but it just never saves.

    What can I do?


  • I have you "saved" the APN , then rebooted, then check your APN , is there a little check box at the top of the screen :- does it need to be checked/ticked, then reboot and and -+-+
    Just a thought before it gets too technical

  • I click the list view item and it has a check mark next to it, but when I go back to the last area it shows "Carrier" set to "None".

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