Install UB on a Leagoo T5c with Spreadtrum/Unisoc Intel-based SoC?

  • Hi everyone,

    I rooted my Leagoo T5c smartphone this weekend with TWRP and Magisk, and all went well. The phone runs a Spreadtrum/Unisoc Intel-based SoC (SC9853i) that both DevCheck and Droid Info describe as an x86_64/arm64-v8a platform, that also runs armeabi-v7a and armeabi instruction sets.

    This phone came with Android 7.0 pre-installed, and though I flashed the latest ROM I could find for free thanks to the good people at XDA, it's still running Nougat, and I'd like to try something new.

    The answers I got about installing custom Android ROMs are a bit contradictory: Some people say that now that my phone is rooted, I can install pretty much any ROM I want on it, provided it's compatible with the SoC. Thing is, on all the websites I've visited, my phone isn't listed among the compatible devices.

    I don't want to brick the phone just now, and I thought that maybe Ubuntu Touch was the way to go, hence my presence with you today.

    In your experience, could UB install and work on this platform, and what caveats should I expect afterwards in terms of regular, daily use, like receiving and sending phone calls, SMS, browse the Web, go on Twitter, etc...?

    I know my way around Ubuntu and its derivatives a little bit on PCs (and even on an old Mac of mine), but I don't know the first thing about Ubuntu on a mobile device.

  • @UglyStuff
    I apologize, but I'm not able to answer your question.
    But if I understand correctly, you're attempting to port UT on your device, so I suggest that you read some of the posts in the porting category.

    Edit: Check out this post

  • @AppLee

    Hi, and thanks for taking the time. I visited the link you provided, and the pages it links to in turn, and I'm not yet ready to custom-compile my own copy of UB, I think. I was more interested in knowing if UB could be installed on my phone at all, because as I said, the SoC is a bit exotic, and though plenty of entry- to mid-level phones use it, it befalls the OEM to make new ROMs for their own products, and Leagoo is a bit lazy on that front.

    I'll peruse this forum to see if someone's already asked the same question, and decide if it's worth the trouble or not. Thanks anyway! 👍

  • @UglyStuff
    The port to this device is not done.
    So that's something you might consider.

    In the meantime as your question is more " will you port to my device ? " I'll move your thread to the "Off Topic" category.
    Thanks for understanding.

    But as you said your SOC is a bit exotic and we might move it to "Porting" if you decide to go on this journey.

  • @AppLee

    Hey, no problem, at least you didn't outright delete my question! 😁

    I understand a little bit more how UB works now, and I suppose it's a bit like Android in this regard, except it's not an OEM job. My phone has an SoC that's not
    completely one-of-a-kind, since other phones share it, but in the Leagoo inventory, it's an only child when it comes to CPUs, so I gather the manufacturer isn't too keen on
    investing time and dough in porting a more recent Android version to a phone that was released almost three years ago.

    I'll see the "Will you port my device?" part of the forum and see what they have to say. In the meantime, I'm going to familiarize myself a bit more with UB and how
    it works.

    Thanks for taking the time! Have a great one! (day, evening, don't know what timezone you're in)

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