Suggestion: add "Did you know?" tips on the lock screen

  • Ubuntu Touch is an awesome OS, especially because it has an awesome UX. For example, edge gestures allows it to be way more efficient than Android. However, one downside is that many of those features are hardly discoverable, even if there is some nice tuto at the beginning telling the user how to navigate by swiping. For example:

    • the long press on the space bar to make the cut / paste / etc actions available
    • pressing both volume up and down at the same time to take a screenshots (although now a button to do it has been added to the power menu)
    • plenty of others I'm not even aware of because it's hard to discover

    What do you think about adding a tip about those kind of "secret" features on the lock screen, tip which would change daily?

  • I like the idea!

  • There is already a similar contribution here.

  • @thilov
    Yes that would be a great combo: intel gathered into a newcomer guide (oriented toward the online documentation) and displayed in the lockscreen

  • I was thinking into adding all the tips to the UBports welcome app. So we could add useful links and maybe a way to retrigger the welcome menu

  • Maybe a box with title “Daily Tip”, in the box
    something like: “(HOW-TO) Take a screenshot“, next line “(click to visit user guide)”
    Text would be a link pointing to the relevant item.
    A Daily Tip would reveal hidden features, but also be a great way to make people aware of a guide!

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