Ubuntu touch is able to offer a pretty good experience for whatsapp and facebook ???

  • Ubuntu touch is able to offer a similar or good enough experience compared to android in terms of whatsapp and facebook?

  • @Gabi3542 The experience for facebook will be adequate for most things using either Pesbuk or Sailbook, apps in the app store.

    The whatsapp experience will always be lacking, because the best that can be done is use the web interface to whatsapp, which at the very least means you will need another android or ios device connected and online.

  • @Gabi3542
    In addition I'd say that notifications don't work out of the bow with Pesbuk and Sailbook. You'll have to keep the app running with UT Tweak tool.

    So depending on how you consume Facebook, your experience may vary.

  • The Sailbook webapp provides for a good experience for Facebook in my use of it. One thing I like about it, better than Facebook on Android, is you can easily send and receive messages on it without needing Facebook's intrusive Messenger app. Missing features with Sailbook are lack of video chat, and lack of ability to view Live streams while they are being broadcast.

    As for Whatsapp - support is lacking and much better options for messaging services that provide greater privacy are Telegram (using TELEports client), Matrix (using Fluffy Chat), and Signal (via Axolotl).

    Best regards,
    Steve Bereon

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