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    I forgot to write how to use the ota server... but here you go:


    1. reboot to fastboot mode
    2. open terminal and copy paste this:
      [CODE]ubuntu-device-flash -v --server= touch --channel=ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed --device=bacon --bootstrap[/CODE]

    And status on multirom is, some problems with the recovery not installing correctly, I'm on the case, I do expect it to be an minor issue!

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    Good news!!

    Multirom is now working! This is happy news right? You probably screaming "gimme gimme multirom right now!!" Yeah, i will give you it, but you need to know that this is really early version of ubuntu touch on the oneplus one, so stuff might be crashing, being slow, things might not work as they should or things might not work at all. well i should stop mumbling and give you the guide.

    Here it is:

  • What's the status of the Ofono thing? I would highly enjoy mobile internet for services like Telegram. Actually, once that and the headphone jack is working, I would use it Adresse a daily driver.

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    Some news and updates:

    We got a new shiny device page:

    so, can we get Ubuntu touch for the OnePlus Two soon after it's released?

    I also happy to say that i'm really close to done to fix the issue with rild/ofono! rild/ofono has been and hard task, but i now can see an end of the tunnel! I will try my best to get this working as fast as this or next week (if not any other issues appears)!!

    And Thanks for all support from YOU guys

  • That sounds very well!

  • I'm very excited to see this fully working, I plan on sticking with my current phone until I can get a phone with Ubuntu touch and this looks like the most promising

  • Once this works as a daily driver, I'm switching directly to it. Please continue working on this and keep us updated!

  • Any development updates for the OPO? Is the project still alive?

  • @palradu ,
    I think that can best be ascertained by looking at the bug reports

    So it would seem yes is the answer.

  • @apple.muncy Thanks for the reply and for the bug tracker link 🙂

    In that case, since development is active, any updates on the missing components like camera and GPS, being added to the "working" list? 🙂 I don't want an ETA (I know better, I've modded enough phones in my time with ROMS from XDA, to know not to ask for ETA's ), I'm just excited at the progress this project has made and I want to install it on my OPO 🙂 Currently though, no camera and GPS (which I rely on daily), are a deal breaker to me 😞

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