is it worth to install UB Ports on my Meizu MX4 ?

  • Hello everyone,

    I am new here. I have a Meizu MX4 with ubuntu touch, I see that Meizu MX4 is considered Legacy for UB Ports and it will receive only critical upgrades, not new features. My question is: does current UB Ports improve my current Ubuntu Touch (OTA 15, latest forever I guess) for Meizu MX4?

    I do also consider installing it just for being able to contribute to the project with translations or whatever where latest features are not needed. Actually I use the phone as my only everyday mobile phone (I had another Android but gave it to my son)

    I already voted for porting to Meizu MX4 (ok, it is ported, just upgrading to 'core device' or prerelease ) but I see that the main reason it is considered Legacy is that Meizu closed the Android tree for this devices. I am curious about what this 'android trees' are, are they publicy available?

    Thanks a lot for your time, for any help and Best Regards,


  • Thank you

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