[VollaPhone] Reminder not working for contacts in calendar app

  • Hello,

    when maintaining birthday for a contact the information is stored in "Calendars - Birthdays& Anniversaries".

    "Birthdays& Anniversaries calendar" is set as default calendar in calendar app on my device.

    The event is displayed in the calendar app correctly.

    I have two issues:

    1. Reminders can not be maintained. Pencil is inactive.
    2. Reminders are not stored and thus no information is processed.

    Steps I process:

    To be able to maintain the reminder for a birthday event I click on the second icon (left of the one for settings).
    Uncheck and check the checkbox in details "Calendars -> Birthdays& Anniversaries"
    Go back to event in calendar
    Click on event (Birthday)
    Click on pencil icon to change the reminder.
    Choose "Edit series"
    Set reminder to e.g. "15 minutes"
    Go back and save entry.

    If I click again on the details, I see the information "Reminder: No Reminder".
    Does not look like a feature.

    Maintained reminder in the calendar are working.

    I´d like to know is this a common issue or VollaPhone specific?

    Thanks for your feedback.

  • This is a general issue , this kind of event sems read only:


  • @lduboeuf . Thank you very much for your hint.

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