[SOLVED] Stability went down on BQ E5 with OTA-13..?

  • BQ Aquaris E5 is not the "beefy" phone, with very limited RAM, but, I still could use 2 applications in the same time (like Activity Tracker and Pure Maps, or uMastonauts + Morph browser) before...

    Now, after OTA-13 update apps get "blurred away", terminated. Sometimes whole Unity crashes (resets into clean state as if rebooted) while switching/closing apps.

    Similar issues where on some older OTA update, where zram was "forgotten" for E5 device (https://github.com/ubports/ubuntu-touch/issues/965). I see it's still enable now, and I even add extra swap file...

    I believe restarting device helps. Maybe memory leak? Or just confirmation bias.. I've lost some 30-60 minutes of recording via Activity Tracker app, which did not happened with OTA-12.

    Anyone else experienced similar issues?

  • Looks like the issue is due to too big /etc/hosts file, after enabling too much uAdBlock blackists:


    After reducing blacklist my E5 is usable again! (no longer a feature phone with one app usable 😃 ).

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