How to Launch Gcc in a Libertine Container

  • I am new here, so this may have already been discussed. I have created a libertine container in order to install sqlite3 and gcc packages. I also installed g++ and build essential in the container.
    From the terminal I can launch sqlite3 and vim 3 editor.. However, I cannot launch gcc. It always gives a bash error command not found. In the container, there are no errors and the packages are all installed successfully.
    What am I missing... how do I run Gcc. I have a very small program to comp
    I am using the latest ubuntu on Nexus 5 phone.

  • Is gcc a command line program? If so in Terminal command would be
    libertine-launch -i xenial gcc (if Libertine container name is set as default, otherwise change "xenial" to the name you created), with any variable command you need for the command line app appended at the end of that command.

    Best regards,
    Steve Berson

  • @TotalSonic It's a compiler, so not something you'd really want to just run with libertine-launch as such. Instead you'd want to use libertine-launch -i xenial bash for example to get a shell inside the container, and then use vim or other CLI tools (such as gcc).

  • @dobey Thanks, for the first time I have been able to run the compiler.
    Now I need to work thru the compiler errors.

  • @mcappa2
    I played with this a bit to compile Rust code. You can find my results here:

    The most important part was putting files in a directory that Libertine can access; ~/Documents is an easy choice for that as it is simple to locate in either system.

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