Properly installing Clickable

  • I'm trying to properly install clickable on my computer. I get this error:

    eureka@eureka:~$ echo "export PATH=$PATH:~/clickable" >> ~/.bashrc
    eureka@eureka:~$ clickable setup-lxd
    No clickable.json was found, using defaults and cli args
    Container already exists, nothing to do

    The thing is I'm fairly new to programming so I don't know how to make a .json file in the terminal. Or is it already located in the clickable root directory? I really have no clue what I'm doing at this point-I just want to make apps for the Ubuntu phone that people will love.

  • Everything looks ok as far as I can tell. The part about not finding the "clickable.json" is just to let you know that it's falling back to autodetecting the project template (which doesn't matter as much when running clickable setup-lxd). You should be good to use clickable on your project now.

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