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  • Hello my dear Ubuntu friends, I have an Aquaris 4. 5 with Ubuntu Touch since 2016. Since there is no update until january 2020 I used ubports and updated my phone with it. up to Otober 2020 everything worked fine but since the last update the phone hangs at boot time. The progress bar shows nothing even after hours. I cannot switch off the Aquaris then and have to wait until the battery is empty after days. When I recharge it I can't get into the boot menu by pressing the loud and power button to reflash it with ubports. I would therefore like to ask for your support

  • @herbi hello, i had this just a week ago, but can't remember. Maybe a hard boot to bootloader after check the cable and start again installer ?

    I remember i was able to to adb
    and update the installer. @NeoTheThird could that issue come from the installer ?

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    @herbi can you clarify, did this issue surface after using the installer or after starting an over-the-air upgrade from the system settings? In any case, you should be able to restore your device by using the installer, as long as there is no hardware issue.

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