Is it safe to buy Pinetab when it will be available ?

  • Hello,

    It's been 3 years since I want my hands on a UT device, and when I discovered the Pinetab, I knew I would buy it because of its low price.

    I know it's currently out of stock, a friend told me they have a problem with the screens, and I hope it will be back soon.

    Anyway, the Pinetab ship with UT installed. Pine64's website says it's still in a beta stage and UT Devices page says its experimental, what does that exactly means?

    I mean, is it just a bit buggy? Or some missing features? If it's just buggy, that wouldn't be a problem for me, but missing features would be disturbing.

    So, should I buy the Pinetab or buy a second hand other device that has better support? I hope you can understand me.


  • The PineTab is using more or less the same version of UT as the PinePhone.

    So you can probably find some details of how well UT runs on the PinePhone 🙂

  • The PineTab has some of its own unique challenges. The most noticeable one is that the screen only renders in landscape mode and does not auto rotate.

    Also, if you would buy the integrated keyboard cover, there is a bug that stops the mouse from moving over the whole screen when using the integrated trackpad. I haven't tried it with an external mouse, so I don't know if it as an issue with the trackpad or a screen issue with the pointer. Of course these bugs are under investigation.

    Other than those two, Ubuntu Touch works much the same on the PineTab as on the PinePhone, as @poVoq mentioned.

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