Redmi Note 5 Pro (whyred)

  • port for note 5 pro , UBport 16.04
    Type : Ported / Halium
    Device : Whyred ...

    Change Log :
    Fix Call ( Now Can )

    Thanks Erfan GSI v10
    Vendor By @KernelPanix
    Kernel By @Shekhawat2
    Download Gdrive

    And Now About How to Install That ....
    How To Flash :


    You Can Use Android 8, 9, 10, 11, or Stock Rom

    1. Download Rom UbPorts*.zip
    2. Download Halium-Boot.img
    3. Reboot In To Twrp ( or other Recovery )
    4. Backup Boot
    5. Flash UbPorts*.zip
    6. Flash halium-boot.img in to boot

    Force Your Rom To Not Encrypt Data

    Default Password : phablet

    How To Boot Android Agan:
    Restore Backup boot

    How To Boot To UbPorts:
    Flash Halium-boot.img

    Vendor Source = Here
    Kernel Source = Here

    If You Have Getting Any Problems ....
    Join @ubports and ask your question ....

  • Hi sorry I have a problem with this process.

    when I flash Flash halium-boot.img in to boot in twrp I'm stuck on boot screen (xiaomi black screen from start)

    when I put back my backup smartphone works fine.
    (I try android 8 rom, and android 10 rom)
    If I miss something I would like install ubports on Xiaomi whyred!

    Edit : I think it's because the roms I used are encrypted and I don't know how to disable that when I flash the phone.

  • edit 2 : I install android without encryption and I am always stuck on Mi black screen and nothing happens, if I use the boot backup everything works fine.

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