Problems with PinePhone Builds

  • @LinAdmin I'm on stable. Latest update was on 29.10.2020. I need to look from a PC because Morph doesn't show me the link to the right image on ci.ubports and the Pinephone doesn't show me in settings.

  • @LinAdmin That will be 86.

  • @LinAdmin So I've flashed the latest image on an SD card and boot it from it. After it tried 2 times, it skiped and booted from eMMC instead. So yeah. The latest images might be broken, that could explain why my Pinephone didn't update to them automatically. You can give it a try with version 86, that one works for me.

  • Hello, I have a short question about this. I have 3 channels in the Pinephone to choose from: dev(298), RC(15) or stable (8). What version is in the link above ? The version (88 or 86) is more stable ? and would the normal OTA updates run here as well ?
    I am a bit confused. I hope you can help me with simply clear Words.

  • @OhneZ

    OTA should be on any channel, however stable channel is the more stable version of uTouxh and you should go to that one if you want the stabler experience.

    RC can be a second choice, more up to date but little less stable.

  • @OhneZ The latest stable version is 89 , but for some reason it doesn't work. My last update on the Pinephone is to version 86 and for some reason, my phone didn't update to the newer versions.

  • @OhneZ So I have switched to RC channel and back to stable and it updated to version 8 so I guess that's the latest stable image.

  • @OhneZ It is confusing, you're right there!

    The images on the ubports CI are described on that page as the "newest stable image" and "the build numbers of this job do not correspond to any useful OTA or Ubuntu Touch build numbers"

    So #86 is a stable build of 29 Oct. I installed it to the eMMC on my pinephone and it worked but I've since switched to the dev channel.

    My understanding of the channels is

    • Stable: system update will be via the major OTA's; 14, 15 etc. Most stable, obv

    • rc, the Release Candidate is/was a weekly update cycle. Fairly stable

    • and dev would be updated daily. Can go wrong now and then.

    All channels get normal updates for apps, open store etc

    But that's from using other devices, not the pinephone. As I'm writing this I find that I can no longer switch channels and Updates is saying "software is up to date" . I'm on Version 294. So I don't know what's going on!

    As a footnote: I flashed #89 to sd card an hour ago and it booted up ok.

  • @ziggutas Switch between channels. Have patience, it might seem that the download is frozen. If doesn't work, restart, and repeat.

  • Thanks @C0n57an71n , I have plenty of patience; just miss the obvious things sometimes. The time was not auto set correctly. Manual set to today and not 1865, hey presto, updates roll in.

  • @ziggutas Many thanks for the explanation. Then I will stay on the RC and see when the Pinephone can be used as a daily driver. At the moment, with 6h battery life and other various problems, this is not given yet.

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