Internet Restriction

  • Hi, I'm trying to find a way to restrict the phone's access to the internet.

    I know on my laptop I can block sites in /etc/hosts, but the problem with that is you can't restrict all sites and only allow some. Or at least I haven't figured out how to.

    The other possible solution, is maybe there is a way to password restrict OpenStore? but this password would have to be different than the lock screen password, otherwise it would be useless.

    I've seen the Jade Diamond app but that is only good if your letting someone barrow your phone. I'm looking for a longterm solution.

    Anyways If anyones found good ways to lock down the phone for a child I'd appreciate the help.

  • What about "uninstalling" the Open Store app? It will still be on the device, but will no longer show up in the app drawer, and will take using sudo in terminal to bring it back. I guess you've also uninstalled terminal app and other things (though developer mode and adb could still be enabled/used without it).

    If the device will only be used on your home wifi, it might also be possible to block traffic at the router/gateway side.

  • @dobey wow thats a great idea. I messed around with uninstalling the openstore which was a great start. But im going to try and delete the terminal as well once its all set. I appreciate the advice

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