Xiaomi Redmi 7 review and beginner questions?

  • Device : REDMI 7 onclite DUAL SIM.

    Halium generic device.

    OTA 13?

    Xenial Xerus.

    Hi! First post for me.

    I want to do a review and explain my way to get here...

    I choose this phone cause it was the most recent and powerful of the ubuntu touch list ( https://devices.ubuntu-touch.io/ ) even if it was an unoffcial port.
    I followed this installation : https://github.com/Vin4ter/Ubports-Onclite-redmi7/blob/master/README.md working well !

    Then i tried differents things and i didn't found any information.

    -1 : I tried the terminal whith apt-get and i realised that some paquets didn't want to be write, i found after that the device is in read only (default) setting. I didn't turn it to read and write cause i'm not an expert of linux and i read that the paquets works for ubuntu doesn't work for UT ( it makes sense ...)

    -2 : so i tried libertine that i didn't know before. I realised after a long seeking that it wasn't a good idea to import ubuntu apps in UT. ( usefull for some apps may be but not for me with my actual knowledge and use ).

    -3 how do I know that my apt update didn't change anything for "normal OTA " update ( maybe no update to me cause unofficial )

    For everything else phone works great! I have mms issues but it gloabaly works and i will report it in the bug report post ( MNC and MCC port can't be set ) but i'am a bit lost. Bluetooth works, easy to connect to Klipsh speackers. I didn't try SSH or data transfert but USB media transfert doesn't work ( it said i the installation instruction )

    So i write this post cause i didn't find information or it was confuse ( may be cause i'm not a ubuntu user but raspberry pi ). I saw lot a video showing ubuntu running on the deviece but no more information after that and i start to though that nobody use this phone. So if somebody can read that and avoid my mistakes...

    Anyway, i would like to say thanks to everybody work on that to be more independent from google and i'll be happy to help if i can. I'm not developer yet but may be one day...


    Tchan from France.

  • thanks for the post, im thinking of buying one. hows the camera? my nexus 6p camera looks fisheyed

  • Hi, Camera works normally.

  • My camera isn't bad, but i will say i just compared our phones and it seems their the same speed. Just incase anyone thinking of buying either or.

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