• Hello,
    After installing a Libertine container on the nexus 7 flo, I installed the fbreader desktop application.
    Problem: fbreader displays a minimum resolution that doesn't match the screen resolution of the nexus 7 flo (1920 x 1200).
    Is there a solution to adapt fbreader to the screen resolution?
    Thank you for your answer.

  • Hi! You might want to use Libertine Tweak Tool (available on the store). You'll be able to scale your apps by setting a DPI value (I'm using 220 on N5)

  • Hello,
    Thank you very much for your help. But, new to UT, I don't know how to exploit libertine-tweak-tool. I have enabled DPI setting and indicated a value but I guess it's not that simple; nothing happens for my two desktop apps (geary and fbreader), the definition remains the same. I'm attaching a screenshot.
    If you have a little time, I'll take a little wiki. A solution would open many perspectives in the use of UT.
    Thanks again.

  • Hum strange.. For me I just have to quit and reopen the app after setting a DPI value to see a change.
    I was not able to run geary or fbreader on my phone tho, but with Firefox I can scale with no problem

  • If your goal is to read e-books on Ubuntu Touch, have you tried the native reader applications in the Open Store such as Sturm Reader or EPubViewer?

  • Hello,
    Thank you both for your help.
    lowkeylone: I applied your instructions but without any result. Set to 220 DPI or higher, there is no change. Moreover, when I close libertine-tweak-tool, all settings are erased; is this normal? Is the solution going through the terminal?

    Emanuele Sorce: as soon as I installed UT, I installed the two apps you told me. But for both apps, I'm disappointed by the epub layout; the text doesn't fill the whole surface of the reader (large margins), despite the optimal settings (photo). That's why I decided to install destock apps (no luck there either...).
    I add that two years ago, under UT 15.04, I had no problem with the beru app.
    I'm aware that its problems are not easy to solve; this brings me back to my inexperience with UT 16.04 (I had to put my nexus back in stock version to install it successfully).
    Thanks again for your help.

    Translated with (free version)

  • Hello,
    I managed to get a better definition of desktop applications by applying the libertine tweak-tool advice given by lowkeylone. I was able to install firefox in the container and it works fine.
    On the other hand, the ebook layout issue in sturm-reader is still unresolved. Is this problem specific to the nexus 7 flo ?
    Even if I don't have all the solutions to the exposed problems, I will indicate "solved" and put an end to my questions.
    Thanks again for your help.

  • @Macadam About the Sturm Reader margin issue, the size of the margin is a setting you can adjust in the book style settings (the button at the bottom of the book page swiping up). Maybe it has been set to a too big value?

  • @Macadam said in libertine:

    lowkeylone: I applied your instructions but without any result. Set to 220 DPI or higher, there is no change. Moreover, when I close libertine-tweak-tool, all settings are erased; is this normal?

    no, this is not normal. What's the id of your container?

    How do you know that the settings are erased?

    Is the solution going through the terminal?

    that's possible. All the app does is write the .Xdefaults file in the home dir of your container /home/phablet/.local/share/libertine-container/user-data/CONTAINERID. It writes a line like Xft.dpi: 220

  • Hello,
    Thank you for your involvement in finding solutions to my difficulties with UT.
    In my last post, I indicated that I considered my problems as "solved" but, I was not precise enough. I was able to stably fix the libertine tweak-tool app for my container named "stock" (220 dpi) which allowed a better definition of the installed desktop apps. But, as I didn't know the doniks details, I didn't check if the line "Xft.dpi: 220" was in .../user-data/CONTAINERID. However, if desktop apps can be used, especially firefox, all menu bars are always displayed in lowercase; this may be a reference to the doniks details on the line Xft.dpi: 220 ?
    Emanuele Sorce: the first time I used sturm reader, I activated the button at the bottom of the app and made the settings and font choices, but the margin slider had no effect on them; I add that the sturm-reader's welcome interface did not match the openstore app presentation (empty interface with the only indication to search for a book).
    Faced with my difficulties, and before reading your last advice, I got discouraged (too fast?) and I ended up uninstalling UT from my nexus 7 to go back to my old rom (resurrection-remix) while waiting for better knowledge on my part in the use of UT😧 .
    Thanks again for your help.
    Out of subject: when installing UT, ubports-installer asks for a confirmation of the device and indicates LG as the manufacturer of the nexus 7 flo. I would like to specify that the flo manufacturer is Asus and not lg...

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