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    je cherche à changer de téléphone, je suis actuellement en vu sur un LG NEXUS 5X H791.
    Ma question, est-ce possible de mettre ubport dessus?
    Merci pour vos réponse
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    I am looking to change phone, I am currently seen on a LG NEXUS 5X H791.
    My question, is it possible to put ubport on it?
    thank you for your answers

  • You can find our list of supported devices with install instructions here. If your device doesn't have install instructions available, it is not possible to install Ubuntu Touch on it.

  • @Locamama
    Just to give you some more information why this is a very hard work to do.
    Most Smartphones not using AMD or Intel processor, they are using ARM processors.
    ARM processors don't have a PCI bus, so there is no hardware detection possible like on Intel or AMD. No Plug-And-Play
    That's the reason, why they need to build a whole system for each device where it is running on.
    If the hadware developer don't give out exact hardware data, it's so hard to port it, because the developer need to find out all hardware specification by their self on testing.

    Ok, merci pour vos réponses. Je vais acheter le nexus et installer ubports dessus 😜
    Et si cela ne marche pas je remettrai android😱

    Ok, thank you for your answers. I will buy the nexus and install ubports on 😜
    And if that does not work I will give android😱

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