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  • @bq4.5 thanks for that. I will have a look and start logging some bugs.

    On the whole though, great work Dan. I do like Dekko. Thanks for your hard work.

    I was using it last night and I did notice the following:

    1. When you go into and delete a few emails,if you click the top back arrow, I was expecting toto take me back to the original folder. However, it took me back to the emails that I had just deleted. Totally agree that a confirmation box on deleting would be good.Git Ref

    2. On my E5 I was unable to send any emails. I clicked on the send arrow and nothing happened. - GitLab Ref

  • I just want to thank @DanChapman for the great work on Dekko! I am so glad that he started again the work on the click package - we need it very much!

    Regarding a confirmation dialog for deleting a message I just wanted to share that I am very pleased with the current behavior without a confirmation dialog but it displays an undo button. So, in order to please everybody, maybe there could be a switch in setting whether to ask for confirmation or not before deleting a message.

    Thank you again.

  • +1 against a confirmation dialog

  • @mihael Actually there is an undo button ! I didn't noticed it because it is not avalaible in my BQ E5. I assume it is because I still use the Canonical image. But I have UBports in my BQ M10FHD and there is an undo button. I agree that it is even better since it notifies and let you undo in case it was a mistake. I think it is the perfect solution for most of the actions.

    I still think that a confirmation dialog after sending a message (or any action that you can't undo) would be good. Its a good thing to know that an action went successfully and that nothing crashed, especially now we are testing this new (and so good !) app.

  • @RedXXIII I found the undo button on my E5 ! It only appears on the inbox page. So it will disappear by the time you go back to inbox if you delete your message from it's display (unless you go fast !).

  • On my E4.5 running Dekko 0.6.20 from Canonicals last OTA, I do not have any undo button for doing an undo of a deleted mail. I can go (slide) to the Deleted Mails for this mail account and the deleted mails are there; when I now delete there a mail, it moves back to the Inbox. This is fine for me.

    I do not want any other undo button (because it costs space) and I do not want to have any confirmation dialog for any deletion of a mail. It already costs a lot of time to delete say 40 mails, esp. because one can not delete full threads with one click. This is a really missing feature.

  • @guru Sorry I was talking about Dekko 2 (0.1.2, experimental release). I have the same thing with Dekko 1 (0.6.20, no longer supported) than you told. Both Dekko 1 & 2 versions are available in the Canonical image but only Dekko 2 with UBports. The undo button is not invasive as it appears and disappears (=adding then removing 1 row in the email list).

    You can easily delete several emails at the same time by doing a long press in one of them. That will activate the "multiple selection page". After selecting the emails you can do some actions like deleting, mark as unread, etc. The problem would be the "several" word : how many emails can you select in order to successfully achieve the action ? I don't know but I think that my E5 will crash if I try with 40 in one time 😃 Hope that comment will help !

  • @RedXXIII Thank you! I'm using Dekko on my E4.5 for more than 2++ years, and did not knew this feature (long press, mark and delete). Ofc, this still far away from deleting a full thread (because I'm not interested in the thread subject or can not help the OP), but it is better then sliding and deleting any single mail.

  • @guru I have too used some apps for long time and accidently (or thanks to someone) discovered some cool features ! Before the "touch screen time" one could discover all the features of an app just by exploring the menu. Now there is more magic !

  • What would also help, are good man pages, docs and online helps. My favorite SciFi author Stanislaw Lem said something like: Nobody reads anything, who reads does not understand it, and who understands will forget it (loosely cited). Nowadays I would add: Nobody writes any man pages.

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