T-Mobile USA and Nexus 5 connection

  • How can I trouble shoot my connection with T-mobile? My N5 was able to establish a connection after I left the sim card in and drove around and has connected to both T-Mobile and ATT. (If T-Mob is not available, it will roam using ATT) Installing the sim card now, the phone picks up ATT, T-mobile and Verizon but only reports a denied connection.

    Network Manager log files aren't providing a lot of information. My old N5 with Cyanogenmod just died today and now I'm really trying to make the switch to UBports but this is really holding me up and I'd really like to avoid buying a burner phone. I have an awesome UBports N5 that I'd love to start using full time. Reading everyones comments over the years now, it seems the only UT phones in the US have this problem. Has this been confirmed?

  • Just took a drive and out of T-mobile area and sure enough it immediately connected to ATT. So exciting to see a connection! Placed a few phone calls and could receive txt messages as well... very awesome. However as soon as I drove back into T-mobile coverage, it dropped connection and went back into searching. (T-Mobile and ATT have a deal of some sort)

    You suck T-Mobile! I'm thinking about switching to ATT. Tech support was no help either as a pre-paid customer. Does anyone have any experience or suggestions with an UBPorts N5 in usa? Is it working and if so, how?

    I've spent the last year waiting for this conversation to come up in the forums or the youtube chat but nothing yet, makes me wonder if no one is having a problem or there are no UBPorts phones in the US.

  • @Galaxia I use straight talk (at&t version),in TN,i was advised H2o would give me 4g (pro 5 )

  • @Marathon2422 Thank you for the help! Straight Talk looks like a better deal than H20 and T-mobile. ST is $41.50 for 8GB 4g unlimited talk whereas my T-mobile plan is $32 for 5 GB 4g and 100 minutes. Its not bad but 100 minutes is hard to stay under sometimes. I'd rather not support ATT if at all possible but my desire to start using UBports is heavy. Planing on picking up a ST sim card and a one month plan just to test out the phone/service before committing to anything.

    If there is anything I can do to figure out why the phone won't establish a connection to T-mobile let me know.

  • @Marathon2422 That did the trick. I picked up a new Straight Talk kit today and installed/activated the ATT sim and the phone is now working. It is so incredible to finally be off my old N5 with Android 4.4 and onto my new N5 with UBports!!!

    I'm a $20 Patreon member going on a few months now and couldn't be more excited about the project. Thanks so much for all you do. Always fun to watch the videos staring Marius, Jan, Florian and Dalton. Marius ... just be careful driving during a conference call!

    Will Atwood

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Galaxia Now its working,make a note of your APN SETTINGS, keep them safe,
    and then Google them for pro5, to make sure they are the best settings for your device.

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