bq Aquaris E4.5 mobile data connection not working

  • Hi,

    I've flashed a bq Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition with the ubports image (krillin).
    Now, I can receive calls on both sims.
    However, the mobile data connection not working on either sim.
    Reboot did not help either.
    I can't enable the option mobile data in the settings.

    Any help appreciated.

  • Have you checked if in settings -> info the imei and both wlan and bluetooth mac fields are not empty?

  • Reset the APN in mobile settings, carrier&APN and make sure it's ticked the field.

  • Hi,

    I could resolve the issue by removing all sims,
    rebooting without any sims and then after inserting both
    sims again, mobile data connection is working fine now.

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