Oneplus One and Bluetooth

  • I just installed OTA-2 and it's nice to see the camera working. Something's strange about bluetooth though.
    I can connect to my car, and pairing seems to work fine. The car can also read the contacts. Both speaker and microphone works too, but I can't control the phone using the buttons on the car's steering wheel. If I dial using the phone the car says unknown number, and the car doesn't recognize when I hang up on the phone.
    I also tested sound in the browser (youtube), and that works fine.
    I tried my son's BQ E4.5 with OTA-1, and here everything works fine.
    Anything I can check on the OPO?

  • It may be worth feeding back in this thread:

  • Thanks. I see that other people are having similar issues. I've been using an MX4 UT OTA15 for about a year with no issues, so I'm sure it's something with the OPO.
    Does it make sense to file a bug report, since so many people already discussed it?

  • @Grisen I will try to summarize / condense this thread into one or more tickets, but yes just put it there to have a wider audience, and also you get updates for the thread then 😉

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