Canonical failure to launch Sony Xperia Z1 & OnePlus One at MWC 2016?

  • Hey guys,

    I was super stoked when Canonical announced they would be displaying the Xperia Z1 and OnePlus One at Mobile World Congress 2016 with full desktop convergence working. There was articles all around the web:

    And as we know that didn't happen, though I was never able to find any details on why they didn't meet their promise. Does anyone here know what happened?

  • They never planned to launch these phones, the phones where shown of to promote community porting and to give a big nod to the community, maybe one day we might see a community port getting sold by an official OEM, we've already seen OnePlus give the OnePlusOne port a big nod, so perhaps they will do the same with the OP3, and if we can get it out of the gate fast enough, who knows, we might have OnePlus ship the OP3 with ubuntu pre-installed, but non of this is a promise, and it is highly unlikely, its just something which might happen if the cards are played right and if OnePlus is actually interested in Ubuntu.

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