How to backport kernel to make bluetooth work

  • Many users want to know how backport kernel to make bluetooth work , in this guide i will try to show you the steps to do it:

    1- First clone linux-next (don't download zip or tar file you must clone)

    git clone -b v4.2-rc7 linux-kernel

    2- Clone your kernel

    3- Clone backport patch -b for-ubuntu backport-ubuntu

    4- Under backport-ubuntu folder, run this command (you must put absolute path for kernel)

    ./ --copy-list ./copy-list --integrate --clean --git-revision v4.6 [path-to-kernel-next]/kernel-next [path-to-your-kernel]/your_kernel

    If you try to compile kernel maybe you will get some error, to avoid it try first to apply this patch :

    First check if patch is ok
    git apply --check hid-generic.patch

    Second if there is not any error apply it

    git am --signoff < hid-generic.patch

    Finaly replace backport folder (in your kernel )with this


    Link to download hid-generic.patch

    Also its important : remove all CONFIG_BT* in kernel config

  • Sounds great. But for me as a user seems too complicated.
    Us this really solving all our Bluetooth problems? Maybe than this should be implemented in ota3?
    But again. I am not at all a developer ...

  • @bastos No sorry, this will not help Bluetooth problems on the user/app end. This is driver updates for making a Bluetooth device visible at all. So all our kernels already have to have this patch inside 🙂

    I was hoping to get more issues resolved with xenial but it seems that Bluetooth in 15.04 is already a backport of 16.04 - So we will see but unfortunately it can be that we will carry on those connection problems and crashes 😞

    BR Florian

  • @walidham Will this help with the msm4.4 kernel? Halium7.1

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