Newbie Nexus 5 install

  • I would like to encourage anyone wanting to install Ubuntu Touch on the Nexus 5, to bite the bullet and give it a go. I found the process quite scary and thought that I had bricked the phone a couple of times. I've added the steps I took in the hope that they might help someone who, like me, felt quite daunted by this flash process. However, do read the warnings very carefully.

    1 download ubports-installer_0.1.7-beta_amd64.deb (I'm installing from Ubuntu Mate 17.04)
    2. install it, normally by right clicking and following the ubuntu installer options
    3. On the 'phone, go to settings/security and set a "Lock Screen" code
    4. Still in settings go to "About phone " then "Build number". Keep tapping "Build number" until the screen says that you are in "Developer mode"
    5. I had to start ubports a couple of times before it would see my Nexus 5. Then I had to start the phone in "Boot mode" and unlock the phone from an "OEM lock". Oh, and discovered that I was using a charging only USB cable, ie no data connection.
    6. All seemed to be going well. UBports downloaded its files, then it said that it was pushing 13 files to the 'phone. It stuck on file 1. After 30 minutes I gave up.Push Failure
    7. The 'phone would not restart, but would restart in bootloader mode by holding the power button and the volume down button, both together for quite a few seconds.
    8. I restarted the ubport-installer. This time the phone went to a recovery mode and ubports started pushing the files to the phone. This only took a couple of minutes.
    9. Once again I thought that I had a bricked 'phone, but no, on restart, Ubuntu Touch appeared. After a few minutes judgement, I think it looks good, is quick, light to the touch and works as a 'phone.
    After the scary install ride, I reserve judgement on the rest, but hats off to those who have made my transition from the google personal data hog.success

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