ubports-installer under snap? How?

  • I see on the main page (well, the one right under it for the Nexus 5) that I can do a snap install of ubports-installer. It even provides the command to install this snap!

    My DNA must be incomplete, because it's not obvious to me what I'm supposed to do after that? There's still no ubports-installer command in my path. I do some searches and maybe "snap set" will do the trick? But no, it says the required argument <conf value> needs to be supplied when I try "snap set ubports-installer".

    So maybe somebody could flesh out how to use a snap install of the installer to actually do an install? If somebody tries to install after reading:


    they might be stymied.

  • You might need to restart your session (log out and back in) for the icon to appear.

  • @UniSuperBox My machine with the USB cable was headless, thus the confusion. There needs to be a distinction between CLI and GUI install options, I guess. Thanks.

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