Bqm10 fhd wifi,forgets password

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    I still have this problem,having to re-enter the password
    After every reboot.
    But I upgrade to devel ( r39) from(r38). And I have maintained the wifi connection ~~but alas it was short lived ,the next restart and it was losing the password,all over again, was this just a fluke ?

  • Before I upgraded my M10, I had heard about this issue and was hoping that it would not affect me. I am glad to say that every time I do a reboot on my M10 or E5, the wi-fi password is kept and I do not have to enter it in again. I have the latest release (not dev build). It makes me wonder why it is saving the password on mine and not on yours.

  • @UKPhil I thought it was fixed back on UT ota13/14 and came back on ota 15, I just thought I would mention it in case it meant something to someone..
    I used to use hotels a lot so,I was hoping to try convergence from my pro5,and not have so much stuff to keep up with,(a sim card will go in it soon,so see how we go).

  • @Marathon2422 Same on Nexus 5

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    I had the same problem before too, with my BQ M10 FHD. It had nothing to do with the operating system, it was the hardware. I had long conversations with different developers. The result:
    The nvram was damaged.

    Check what serial number your tablet shows. My broken device was: 0123456789ABCDEF
    Obvious, that's not a real serial number 😉
    I contacted the German BQ support:
    and they replaced the tablet. But unfortunately, they don't had an Ubuntu Tablet anymore. So they asked me, if it is ok to give me same model, but an Android tablet. I told them: Sure that's ok, I will flash it...
    They replaced the device without any problem and I had not to pay anything....

  • @WLBI Thanks for your reply and explaination.

  • I was looking at this last night and thinking what I could be doing to other user. What I came up with is most of the time I leave my tablet running but put it in flight mode. When I turn it back on all is OK and the wi-fi is remembered. However I did turn it off once or twice without going first into flight mode and when I rebooted the device, it connected automatically to my wi-fi without any issue. This is for both my M10 and E5.

    Have a try in flight mode and then out again and see what the outcome is.

  • @UKPhil Thanks i'll give it a try

  • I was hunting around and found this about repairing nvram , does \ can anyone ,that understands this , make a fix for the bqm10 fhd
    Wifi passwords are remembered in android ,but not Ubuntu,

  • My M10 is also losing wifi password. It didn't so it back in the OTA2 and with Android it worked fine. Now with latest OTA3 stable and with DEV builds it keeps forgetting it. Did the flashing to UB ruin my Nvram? Can it be fixed?

  • @andromeda I have contacted support at BQ regarding my m10fhd and getting the nvram fixed ( only 5 minutes ago).

  • @marathon2422 They emailed me with a link to a customers flash tool,and a json file,played with it endlessly,couldn't get past unlocking bootloader, it unlocked it,then did not recognize my device,( I think this would only update my firmware to latest android 2.6.2 ~ would,which I tried via BQ flash tool. No change still had nvram err x10.
    Contact with them tomorrow,see what happens.

  • @marathon2422 I got excellent customer service and an RMA to return my m10fhd,to get the nvram err x10 fixed

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