'Enabling new device' changes for samsung devices

  • Hello everyone,

    So I am trying to port ubuntu touch to a samsung galaxy tab S. In particular, I am at the point where I have found the git repository of someone who has ported cynogenmode to the same device, and I am trying to put together the /hardware and /vendor structure in the /phablet tree that is asked in the ubuntu touch porting guide.

    I have 2 issues (most prob. many more, but those are the ones I see right now) :
    a ) The /vendor folder. I have actually downloaded the AOSP repository as well, and I cannot see the vendor folder in the tree. Am I missing something? I understand that I am supposed to put in there binaries of proprietary drivers (correct me if I'm wrong). I have the list of those files from the cynogenmod port, and I have copied these binaries and compiled libs from my device, however, I have no idea where to put them (feel free to through anything nasty at me here :D)

    b ) Inside the hardware folder I already see samsung_slsi/exynos5. I suppose this is great, because I found out that my device runs on an exynos5. On the other hand... where am I supposed to put the /audio /camera folders ? inside the pre-existing /samsung_slsi ? or I create another /samsung folder ? The guide says be faithful to the AOSP hierarchy.... however I don't see this being clear at this poing.

    Thanks in advance for any input!,

  • Jesus christ.... 9 months and no body answer...!!!

    I totally lose my fate..... My post have 2 days and no body write nothing...!!

    I think this forum is like the meizufans forums. Is really hard to find a answer. Or the developers are to busy. 😜

  • I run unofficial LineageOS 14+ (formerly Cyanogenmod) on my device, a Samsung Tab S 8.4 LTE.

    I have searched many hours over many years through untold XDA forums in regards to Ubuntu Touch but with the latest Unity8 news, there might be more hope for modifying the kernel (like Linuxium does for Baytrail tablets) to run full fledged Ubuntu but alas I have never found it. Android just works too well for the demands involved in doing so.

    Technically from what I have scoured, the biggest hurdle is related to what is described as the lack ability to do a mount loop. There are a few poorly recorded YouTube videos but with zero documentation, years old now.

    I was extremely happy to see the Note 2 being listed on UBports as a potential device...but I don't think it suffers the same issue as the Tabs.

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