• Hi
    I bought a SlimPort adaptor, for convergence - the screen projects, but the phone doesn't turn into a mouse and there's no pointer on the screen. immho, this was the second most exciting feature of the OS (after it being Open Source). Does the OS no longer converge or is there a setting I need to select?

  • Hello 3arn0wl,
    I have the M10 and convergence works without problems but only firefox, gimp and VLC work.
    Hopefully convergence will soon be 100% functional.
    When I plug the tablet, the screen M10 transforms and my desktop or TV screen becomes my main screen. Try to connect a wired or bluetooth mouse.

    Bonjour à tous,
    J'ai la M10 et la convergence fonctionne sans problèmes mais seulement firefox, gimp et VLC work.Hopefully la convergence sera bientôt 100% fonctionnelle. Quand je branche l'écran, ma M10 se transforme et mon écran de bureau ou TV devient mon écran principal. Essayez de connecter une souris filaire ou bluetooth.

  • 🙂 Thanks for this, @Locamama.

    So long as it's a "work-in-progress" I'm very happy.

    I ❤ this OS.

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