Trying to install on Nexus 4

  • Hello!
    I'm new to this and my english isn't good. After years using Ubuntu on my laptop I now tried to install U-Touch on my nexus 4, but I only get to "Ubports Recovery". How do I have to go on from there?
    Thanks in advance for every help! 🙂

    Edit: I managed to reinstall Android (following this page:
    But that's not what I wanted... 😞
    I'll go on trying to get UT on my phone... 😉

  • Hi,

    how often have you tried installing? I had this issue once with my Nexus 4 and just had to do the installtion 2 or 3 times and then it worked.... As far as i remember, when it rebooted to recovery, in the terminal that you started the flashing it should say something about writing stuff it downloaded before...

    Also maybe try a second USB cable and don't move your Laptop/Phone while the whole process. I've heard of a few people with problems because of faulty cables...

    Btw, you can do the following: If you only reach the Ubports Recovery, you just do the flash command without the --bootstrap and it should work from there. So assuming you are in recovery and have the cable plugged in an d the terminal open run

    sudo ubuntu-device-flash --server= touch --device=mako \

    Ah and one last thin; don't get worried the process will be

    1. White background with 3 orange dots
    2. Black Background with Google Logo
    3. Orange Background with Ubuntu Touch slogan
      and all of them will seem to take for ever 😜

    Best of luck to you for the next time you try 🙂

  • @demokrit:
    Thank you very much for replying! At the end I found a post in the forum where the "magic-device-tool" was mentioned. Tried that, and: Working! 🙂

  • @larshenric Hi, do You still use Nexus 4 with Ubuntu Touch? How is it? I installed it 3 day ago and I can see that it is quite nice system with some of critical "but"s:

    • It takes too long for some even basing apps to open/load (for example app Phone loads for up to 4 sec.); in the phone with 2GB of RAM and quad core processor it is unacceptable,
    • lack of some options which are available in android and other operating systems (ex. Sailfish, Firefox), for ex. option show/hide my number on outgoing calls, and many many other of course
    • battery life is absolutely not enough, it lasts in half a day with not a lot of use (a couple of calls, couple of messages and set some of phone options). Have You found any tips/tricks to expand a battery life?

    What are Your general impressions?

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