Install UB Ports on Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Edition

  • Hello everyone,
    i was very happy to find ubports today, since i have always been very Fond of my Two Ubuntu Phones (BP 4,5 and Meizu MX4) and was very unhappy when Cannonical ended support for it.
    I m using the Meizu MX4 and would like to install your UBports on it.
    So i cloned the magic device tools from git an launched it.
    There i chose 5 (Meizu MX4 arale) and installed OpenStore (what is that? a new RePo?)
    When i choose install ubuntu i only get "Legacy" to Choose, which looks quite much like the Ubuntu Touch OTA15 i already have installed.
    Will that be your UBPorts OTA-2 ?
    Will i have to wipe the Phone to change to UBPorts?
    ( i can do that: just want to know before i do).

    Sorry for the Beginnerquestions. I did search the Forum for "MX4" and found a few Questions: but none did answer my Question.


  • @slannish Hi.
    You don't need to wipe the phone, but make a backup of your data as you never know what might happen during the installation.

    As you're on 15.04 Canonical, you only need to type this in terminal on your PC, phone connected and rebooted to recovery.

    sudo ubuntu-device-flash --server= touch --device=arale --channel=15.04/stable

    And you should be on latest Ubports stable release.

  • Hi Stefano,

    worked like a charm: thank you very much.
    Now it says Ubuntu 15.04(r2) in System settings and the Startscope ist gone (which does not matter).
    Kalendar and Apps are all still there, so are my Files, Photos and Music.

    Ubuntu has once more shown what a fabulous System it is and Linux has once more shown that Community is worth more than any big Firm or big money.

    Two Questions come up now:

    1. will i get updates of the OS as OTA? or do i install them just like i did now (which would be OK)
    2. is there now a new "store" built in where i can get updates of the Apps? I only use Kalenda, unav and Telegram

    Again: Thanks alot 🙂


  • @slannish Yes, the the system will be updated once new OTA is out, but you need to check fir update manually. Then it will download and install just like on Canonical image.

    There is Open Store app installed and also old Ubuntu store is present to get the apps from.

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