Deploying aditional files with the application

  • I have images and some fonts I want to deploy, but I don't seem to find how to deploy them and the path to them after deployment.....
    Can someone give me a hand?
    The files are in in directories such as "fonts" and "icons".

  • I have solved this, in case anyone hits the same brick wall:

    In the .pro file, the one selected in my screenshot, I needed to specify that it should install those aditional files.
    In my case I mentioned that it should install the DISTFILES, like the following:
    0_1510479061414_Captură de ecran din 2017-11-12 11-27-02.png

    #set the path where to install distfiles aswell as adding which files to be added
    dist_files.path = /Cumulus
    dist_files.files += $${DISTFILES}

    #you can see that at the the end I've mentioned that dist_files should be installed aswell
    INSTALLS+=config_files qml_files desktop_file dist_files

    Might seem dumb of me for not knowing, that the files should be manually set to install, but I haven't used it before since for Android Qt Creator does that for me because it has a special directory where I need to add the aditional files.
    And on desktop I manually copied the files in the build directories without thinking I can tell qmake which files should also be deployed.
    So in case any other has this issue might help them out.

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