Meizu Pro5 speaker issue - no sound

  • @mlinodasilva said in Meizu Pro5 speaker issue - no sound:

    or putting in loud speaker mode. Pretty annoying, and it must be a software bug since using the phone in loudspeaker mode does work.

    What do you mean by "putting in loud speaker mode", how do you put it into and take it out of "loud speaker mode"? Maybe that is what is happening to me, I am only getting sounds when it is in "loud speaker mode" but I am not consciously "putting it in loud speaker mode"?

    So, I am now wondering, does the top earpiece speaker for voice calls just not work on the Pro5 in UBPorts Ubuntu Touch, would it require a software fix, or is it a fixable hardware fault?

    Maybe something could be done about it if it is a common problem in all Pro5s?

    I have seen some mods on XDA for Pro5s regarding the speakers:-

    Stereo speaker MOD
    Meizu PRO 5 Volume Editor(Root needed). Stereo speakers configuration

    Maybe those are worth looking into?

  • @halucigenia I had my hands on 3 Meizu Pro 5 and none had such an issue, so my guess is a hardware - loose connection/oxidation on contacts. Nor I had an issue with the phones with Flyme or Resurection Remix. It's rather easy to pry open and try to clear, maybe you give it a go.

  • To put the phone in loud speaker mode, once the call starts, you can tap the icon with the speaker and an x and the call will be put in loud speaker mode, which means that you and the people next to you can hear the person who is calling, and further, the people calling can hear people speaking nearby. Some call it conference mode too.

    My question regarding this issue is: OK if this is an hardware bug, does this mean that the phone has two sets of speakers? one for the regular call, and another for the loud speaker/conference mode?

    Because if there only is one speaker in the hardware, it cannot be anything else than a software bug since the speaker works pretty well (playing musing and such).

    I'm willing to believe I'm having an hardware issue, but I'd like to be sure before disassembling the phone again (I had to repair a broken glass once).

  • @mlinodasilva there is one on the top if the phone ( that is earphone speaker ) and another one is down the bottom where the 4 holes are(this is the loudspeaker)

  • @Stefano said in Meizu Pro5 speaker issue - no sound:

    @halucigenia I had my hands on 3 Meizu Pro 5 and none had such an issue, so my guess is a hardware - loose connection/oxidation on contacts. Nor I had an issue with the phones with Flyme or Resurection Remix. It's rather easy to pry open and try to clear, maybe you give it a go.

    I was thinking of doing this, opening it up and cleaning, especially since I now understand the it must be a fault with the top earpiece speaker.
    But, I could not get any of my precision screwdrivers to drive the two screws either side of the USB port. Then I realised, they're pentalobe screws like on iPhones. So I have ordered a suitable driver, I hope the screw heads are not now mashed.

    The earpiece speaker is also available as a spare part for a reasonable price, so if cleaning it up does not work I could replace it.

  • @mlinodasilva said in Meizu Pro5 speaker issue - no sound:

    To put the phone in loud speaker mode, once the call starts, you can tap the icon with the speaker and an x and the call will be put in loud speaker mode,

    Thanks, but what about when you are not making calls, currently if it's not in loudspeaker mode I don't hear a ringtone when I get a call or a notification. I just don't understand why sometimes it is in loudspeaker mode and sometimes not. If it could be purposely put into loudspeaker mode all the time at least that would help until I get the earpiece speaker fixed.

  • Very rarely my Meizu Pro 5 would not ring. I think it is a bug. But I have it on vibrations so that helps.

  • @mihael When it does not ring, if you press volume up/down does it say "Headphones" and when it does ring does it say "Speakers".
    When you answer a call do you normally have to use headphones.
    This is what I experience.

    Or do you put it into loudspeaker mode so the voice of the caller is loud like it is in speaker/conference mode?
    I have not experienced this but I don't take voice calls very often (I should try next time).

  • @halucigenia I will try to use volume up / down when someone calls and it does not ring - I haven't tried that yet. I will let you know. It may be a week before it happens though.

    Sometimes I use loudspeaker during a call and then, sometimes, there is this bug that the volume is low even though the speaker volume is setup at max. Then it helps if I hit once volume down and at that moment the volume immediately is back to max (max minus one click of volume down).

  • Sorry about not posting for so long but I did manage to replace the top earpiece speaker if anyone is interested.
    It made little difference as the device still intermittently goes into and out of headphone mode of its own accord.
    At least the new earpiece speaker does work when it's not in headphone mode.

  • After noticing that some calls came through with an audible ringtone over the last few weeks I was just doing a little bit of tinkering with my Pro5 to see if I could get the earpiece speaker working again.
    I wondered if the headphone jack was not recognising that the headphone plug had been un-plugged so I opened the phone up and had a look at the mechanism of the jack while plugging and unplugging the headphone plug. Nothing much was visible, even under a magnifying glass, but I could see that the contacts were moving OK. I have ordered another headphone jack just in case this hunch turns out to be correct.

    However, I last remembered hearing a message alert during a cold spell and wondering if heat/cold could affect the operation of the earpiece speaker. Could it be that expansion/contraction of contacts due to heating and cooling could affect the mechanism?
    So, on this hunch I thought "how could I cool the phone down"? Well, I have a fridge-freezer, that would cool it down, so I placed the phone into the freezer just to test this hunch. When I got it out of the freezer, some time later as I had forgotten where I had just put it for quite a while, it was so cold that it did not switch on until it had warmed up a bit. Anyway, when it could be turned on, hey-presto, the earpiece speaker was working again.

    Not very practical, but now I know that if I want to make a call without plugging the headphones in, I just have to place the phone in the freezer for a few minutes. 😉

    Now, I just have to figure out which component could be affected by this cooling process...

  • @halucigenia conclusion: penguins like frozen phones 🙂

  • @advocatux Ha, like it. 🙂

  • Even after warming up for a few hours it is still showing speaker when pressing volume up/down.

  • Hi,

    I have the same issue with a MEIZU MX4. For me, I think it was related to the OTA3 update.
    What I saw is when the sound is not working and I try to put the volume to maximum, it didn't warn you about damaging your ears. But still when the sound is working.
    Finally, I am not able to understand when or what switch of the sound 😞

    ( I laugh aloud at the freezer part 😃 )

  • Well, the phone rebooted itself this morning while it was warm and reverted back to headphone mode only.
    So I put it in the freezer again and, again it went back to speaker mode. The ringtone and message received are audible again for now.

  • @halucigenia I'm starting to worry about your procedure leading to a serious problem with the battery. Those radical temperature changes can't be good for it.

  • Hi, I had same issue on my Pro5 in dec. 2017. I had switch back to Android to doublecheck but no change. After it I tried to "cold down" method: I placed the phone to fridge (no freezer) for 2-3 minutes and then the "on headphone" sign had gone. it works fine until next reboot or headphone usage.....
    My phone was under warranty, so I could send back to seller to repair. They did not/could not give back the pro5, I could choose other brand new phone because there was not pro5 in the shop anymore.
    I think, this is a hardware issue and need to repair somehow. I agree with @advocatux , this fridge/cold down method is not healty for phone.

  • I was actually able to fix it just by restarting it with no headphones plugged in. This still helped me identify the problem, so thanks! see: Tutuapp 9Apps Aptoide

  • @advocatux Next time I need to do this I will just use the @zsoltmd method fridge (no freezer) for 2-3 minutes to be safe. Batteries can always be replaced but best not to risk it.

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